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Motivational Speaker
Performance Coach
Resiliency Expert

An Inspirational Next-Generation Motivational Speaker.

For over a decade, Charlie Cannon has taken individuals, teams, and leaders of organisations to new heights of performance. As a psychologically trained coach, an acclaimed people performance specialist and unrivalled resiliency expert, Charlie’s high-energy, interactive keynotes and masterclasses deliver like no other. You won’t just hear you’ll experience. Drawing upon extensive research and personal experience Charlie arms you with life-changing tools empowering you to achieve and sustain the results you need.

To Embrace Change and Thrive in an Uncertain World.

“Charlie delivered a highly energetic, engaging and interactive masterclass to our senior Sales Team. What they were most impressed with was the practicality of the tools and techniques that could be applied to their work and lives.”

James McCormac // Chief Commercial // Officer DB Schenker

At Every High-Energy Charlie Cannon Event You Won’t Just Listen, You’ll Experience.

Guiding leaders and teams to higher levels of performance they sustain, isn’t accidental, but a product of insight and technique.
An expert in people performance and a psychologically-trained coach, each interactive event blends stories, scientific research, and real world successes to help individuals and organisations build resilience and perform at their very best under pressure.

Take Home Practical Tools and Actionable Insights To Embrace Change with an All-New Confidence.

“Charlie’s understanding of personal resilience and how it is applied to helping leaders and teams perform sustainably is unparalleled. We regularly see a shift in attitude with our leaders on how to perform under pressure after a session with Charlie.”

Maxine Dolan // Tesco Academy Director


Charlie’s Unique Expertise

A Next Generation Motivational Speaker

Charlie’s internationally acclaimed keynotes blend his expertise in performance psychology, leadership and well-being into entertaining, interactive experiences.

Bespoke Workshops and Masterclasses

From the boardroom to management, facilitation for executives and teams taking performance higher and faster with practical, hands-on tools to sustain results.

Individual and Team Performance Coaching

By maximizing strengths and overcoming obstacles, the
potential and resilience within each of us is unlocked to
manage emotions, mindset and perform under pressure.

“Charlie facilitated an excellent session on collaboration and team performance with a group of our country managers.”

Jason Sullivan // Head of Employee Experience at Colt Technology


Charlie’s Story

Driven to make a difference

Many people need real help to overcome the pressures, ever-increasing demands and challenges of work and life. In his interactive keynotes and workshops packed with stories and real-life experiences, Charlie delivers. A traumatic event in his early 20’s fundamentally changed his life, inspiring him to help people change theirs, by transforming the way they think, feel and behave in response to the challenges they face in work and life.

His passion for psychology was born as a sportsman where managing mindset unleashed performance. Success as a personal trainer later evolved to teaching leadership skills to individuals, executives, teams and organisations. By tackling challenges head-on and discovering the vital role of resilience in our lives, he empowers them to adapt and embrace change. He gets it because he’s lived it. The horrific car accident at 21 leaving him seriously injured and his sister on life support also revealed how rethinking our attitudes towards failure and setbacks can be rare opportunities for growth and development. Keynotes today are his platform to help on an ever-larger scale as insight, research, compelling stories and practical, usable tools combine in entertaining, interactive learning experiences for his audience. It is this purpose that drives every engagement. Our futures may be unknown and uncertain, but Charlie sees every challenge as an opportunity for us to reframe, to recover, to grow and to learn. As individuals, leaders, teams, organisations and audiences have learned, a happier, more resilient, balanced and higher quality of life awaits each of us. Charlie’s mission is to help guide us there.

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Executive Wellbeing

Managing Triggers

Resilience Tips


Three of Charlie’s Most Popular Keynotes

Each features practical tools to implement straight away.

The Resilient Leader

Today’s leaders face ever-changing technology, organisational uncertainty, financial pressures and more. There is no more effective way to handle the pressure than to manage mindset by building personal resilience. Learn to build and maximize yours with better health, less burn-out and sustainable year ‘round performance. You’ll be prepared to adapt, change and succeed.

Adapt to Change

Charles Darwin told us it’s not the strongest or most intelligent that survive but those than can adapt to change. Learning to manage change unleashes opportunities, but to emerge stronger requires emotional flexibility. Learn to identify typical reactions to change and the blocks impeding adaptability, by exploring proven tactics and becoming change adaptable in the moment.

The Resilient Team

Across all industries, workplace change, uncertainty and instability threaten team performance. Critical to sustainable success is learning how to harness strengths, manage conflict and build trust and commitment fast. By developing your emotional intelligence, creating a culture of feedback and having clarity of purpose you can achieve better connection, mutual understanding and team success.

“We received a lot of positive feedback from Charlie's session on embracing change and how to have a resilient mindset”

Johan Sekora // Chief Operating Officer // HSBC Italy

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